I really like OpenEMR and actually have had a copy of OpenEMR running on this server for a while.  It is highly configurable and fully MU certified.  OpenEMR has an amazing development community and folks that are super smart (like Tony).   Whats nice about it is that it is chock full of features but not overwhelming.  You can actually even turn off features to reduce feature overload.

The version currently up on my server is the one connected to HealthyCircles which allows an HL7 interface to bi-directionally send data back and forth between these two systems (using Bridgegate which is an amazing data mapping and transformation product).


Want To Take A Test Drive of OpenEMR?

We have setup a demo of OpenEMR for you to test out.

User name: admin

Passoword:  alexander07

Drop us a line if you want information about OpenEMR and we can even help you set it up if you like.

EMR Features

•Paper chart tracking

Prescriptions •Online drug search

•Track patient prescriptions and medications

•Create and send prescriptions◦Print ◦Fax ◦Email

•In-house pharmacy dispensary support

Medical Billing

•Flexible system of coding including CPT, HCPCS and ICD codes and the ability to add others

•Support for electronic billing to clearing houses such as Medavant/Capario and ZirMED using ANSI X12

 •Support for paper claims

•Medical claim management interface

•Insurance tracking interface

•Accounts receivable interface

•EOB entry interface

•Customizable to work with a clearing house for automated 835 or ERA entry

Multilanguage Support

 •Supports use of multiple languages within the same clinic

•Currently supports English (American), English (Indian), Dutch, Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European), Spanish, and Turkish

 •Any language can be added and translated in a collaborative Google Docs spreadsheet maintained by the OpenEMR community

•Fully supports UTF-8 encoding

EMR Pricing

Free for the software…just buy a hosting package and have our friends at MI2 set it up for you.

Technical Security

Access Controls

•Supports fine-grained per-user access controls

 •Remotely accessible from any modern web browser with a suitable security certificate installed


Currently there are some mobile versions folks are working on but recommend if you want a custom mobile app connect with MI2 OEMR consulting team and they can build you a nice system.

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