Selecting an Electronic Medical Record System for Small Practices

Selecting an electronic medical record system for small physician practices.


Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, USA. [email protected]



While electronic medical record (EMR) systems have demonstrated the potential to improve quality of care and reduce medical errors, relatively few practitioners have implemented EMR systems. This article presents a case study that explores the process by which small physician practices may select an ambulatory EMR system.


We assessed the appropriate criteria small practices should use in selecting an EMR system and then evaluated a range of commercially available EMR systems according to cost, functionality, and interoperability with existing systems.

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The process for selecting an EMR system starts by creating a budget for start-up costs and monthly maintenance expenses. Next, a practice should evaluate its strategic objectives and current computer infrastructure. The group should then define the appropriate functionality requirements specific for their practice. Finally, a certified ambulatory EMR system that interfaces with existing office systems can be selected.


This case study explores the process of EMR selection for rural, solo physician practices. The ability to generalize the process described herein to broader types of physician practices, such as multi-specialty group practices or to those practices with larger budgets for EMR systems, may be limited.


Multiple critical and often competing factors–including cost and interoperability with existing systems, as well as organizational goals and obstacles–influence the selection of an EMR system for small physician practices. However, by following a standardized process for selecting an EMR system, small physician practices will find EMR selection to be a relatively straightforward process.

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