[EHR Incentive Programs] Can attestation information submitted for the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs be updated, changed, cancelled or withdrawn after successful submission in the EHR Registration and Attestation System?

Once a provider has submitted their attestation and has been either locked for payment or had an incentive payment issued, they will not have the ability to amend the information in the attestation system.  It is the provider’s responsibility to maintain records that demonstrate they have met meaningful use requirements and determine whether corrections to their attestation information would enable them to continue to demonstrate meaningful use.

If the provider is not able to demonstrate meaningful use with the amended data, it is the provider’s responsibility to complete the Medicare EHR Incentive Program Return Payment/Withdrawal Form and follow the instructions on the form explaining how to return their EHR incentive payment.   Further instructions on the steps necessary to withdraw an attestation from the EHR Incentive Program can be found on the Medicare Incentive Payment Withdrawal Form.

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Medicare Incentive Payment Withdrawal Form:

Providers may access the online Meaningful Use Attestation Calculator tool found at www.cms.gov/apps/ehr to enter their amended data and test whether they would continue to demonstrate meaningful use.

An EP or hospital wishing to change or withdraw their attestation from a Medicaid EHR Incentive Program should contact their state directly to make this request.

Please note that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) do not require providers who relied on flawed software for their attestation information to submit amended attestation data.  For additional information, please see FAQ#6097.