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So, I have thought long and hard about how to best demonstrate the user experience of EMR’s.  I compiled alot of data, videos and my own witty banter around the top desktop and mobile EMR’s.  What gives me the background to rate EMR’s?  Well besides doing competitive analysis in this industry for over 10 years for pretty large software companies I do this daily for clients in every segment of the healthcare space.

Anyhow enough about me, take a gander at the color commentary and videos. If you like one, vote for it or share your comments.

How this is organized

I divided this now into two sections:

1. Traditional EMR/EHR’s

2. Mobile EMR/EHR’s



I have looked at GE in the past and must honestly say its pretty old school.   The interface reminds me of my beloved Atari in the current world of EMR’s.  However, they do have one advantage, their install base is very used to them.  So, other than a huge “feature overload” I think its a functional EMR that really tries to nail workflow management and I think it actually does do that well.  So, if UX isnt your priority but you need a decent workflow EMR with tons (or maybe more than tons) of features…have at it.



Allscripts MyWay

Allscripts is the 300 pound primate in this space (even though they went through lots of shakeups).  They are a mature EMR with interoperability and decent attention to user experience.  Honestly, they are a defacto “go to” EMR for lots of organizations and I can’t complain about that.  My only gripe is how big this organization has become and with that, the slow approach they take to product innovation.  Not as slow as Epic (which is like an aircraft carrier vs. a speedboat) but slow enough to allow new market entrants to come in and take a piece of the pie.

My advice to Allscripts is to get back to the basics and really nail user experience and innovation.   But who am I.


Practice Fusion

I like Practice Fusion.  This is why, they get it.  The founder and CEO really understands the modern healthcare landscape and they happened to make “freemium” a real thing.   Thats not easy to do especially when you are a small organization trying to take it to the big guys.   They heavily promote the book “Free” which is one of my favorites and seem to put a heavy priority on user experience (another favorite approach of mine).  There was some concern about their ad model but that was over-hyped nonsense.  They simply offer an ad model that surfaces pharma ads to providers.  Guess what….providers would probably rather see a 300 x250 ad unit then a knock on their door from a pharma sales guy with a box lunch.

Practice Fusion is MU certified and has a patient portal that is no joke.   I think if they can nail the mobile space, that would make them a killer model.



Yawn…..  Do I really need to write about this?

PowerChart Patient History

PowerChart Ambulatory

Cerner Instant Access at Fisher Titus Medical Center

Published on Mar 31, 2014

Scott Steinmetz, IT director at Fisher Titus Medical Center, discusses how Cerner Instant Access helped his organization streamline the EHR sign-in process for their clinicians.



These guys are really good.  I like Greenway having met lots of their execs who seem to really care about their product.  They take pride in innovation and are just solid.  I think we will see great things from Greenway especially how they integrate with the patient side.  Plus their logo is cool.


 eClinicalWorks Leveraging Dragon Speak

eClinicalWorks is pretty cool as an EMR with a PHR portal.  Not a bad interface although the icons are totally cheesy (that could be a simple upgrade that would go a long way).  It has good interoperability elements and can connect with existing systems well.  It is also MU certified.



OpenEMR is the “editors choice” of OpenSource EMR’s that are out there and funny enough one of my top 5 favorite EMR’s of all time (right behind the Beattles White Album).  OpenEMR has a passionate community of developers that are super smart and very talented (Tony M.).  OpenEMR is currently being used in ACO models right now and funny enough, when I have demo’ed it in the past people thought it was a different, more expensive EMR that starts with the letter “N” and ends in the letter “N” (If you get that one, email it to us and we will post your picture).

Free Electronic Medical Records Quotes from BuyerZone.com

OpenEMR has several branches and many don’t know a mobile version.   It is integrated with Dr. First, NewCrop Rx and can link easily into labs using a token given by Labcorp (you literally get the API token, paste it in and boom you have lab interfaces).  It works with x12, HL7 and has CCD support.  What more could someone ask for? Oh thats right, Direct Secure protocol for messaging.  But if I know Tony, thats coming.

By the way, OpenEMR is MU certified and can easily be installed on an Ubuntu box via Ubuntu App Store for free and operational in less than 20 minutes (I installed it and had it operational in 5 minutes…so $49,000 for 5 minutes of work is a good ROI).







So, Mirth is not an EMR but its super important that I show this demo.  Lots of folks ask me about data transformation and mapping tools.  I like a few but this is one that is FREE and opensource.  Check it out.


Amazing Charts

I really like these guys.  Just good folks.  Also, if you haven’t heard of Phreesia…its pretty BA.



Ok, now I can’t get off of thinking about Phreesia so here are a couple of their videos:

From the patient perspective:



EMR Review

OpenVista is another OpenSource EMR much like OpenEMR.  It has been adopted by the US Government for several initiatives and continues to maintain momentum.  It does boast MU certification as does OpenEMR.  My only concern about OpenVista is the community.  I really think OpenEMR has the stronger community with folks like Tony who are super passionate and very smart building use cases on OpenEMR around ACO’s.  I think OpenVista could look at that model of use case driven prioritization.  OpenVista holds promise so don’t rule it out.

Welcome To Mobile Reviews

Mobile EMR/EHR’s

I wanted to start a new section just on mobile.  I think the future of EMR’s is really in the mobile space.  The concept of a thin-smart EMR client that is connected to a framework (service oriented) that allows bi-directional data exchange.

A  recent  study conducted by CompTIA found that 38% of physicians with smartphones use medical apps on a daily basis. This figure is expected to rise to 50% by the third quarter of 2012.  It was also found that two-thirds of respondents consider implementing or improving mobile technologies to be a high or mid-level priority.

Dr. Chrono – IPAD EMR

EMR Review

Dr. Chrono seems to be taking this approach.  They do boast MU certification and a framework that extensible.  The question will be integration with the hospitals existing systems.  However, I bet they are thinking along the same lines I am regarding their product and that is its a perfect lightweight solution for an ACO strategy.  I will also add solutions like this could be critical for remote medicine and may have application in the employer worksite arena.  Regardless, it will be about the “hooks” and interoperability (which I am sure it does) around secure messaging.  Many are looking at the Direct protocol but no matter what is used, the basics need to be covered.

Here is a look at Dr. Chrono

Would love to hear from anyone using this EMR as its pretty cool.

Here is a link to it in iTunes, check it out it has some good star ratings (which I sure know is not easy to do).

Here is a cool infographic on providers use of mHealth Apps (click on the image):

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  1. Ugh, I recently had to use Phreesia at my GP’s office, and nothing felt more dehumazing and invasive than using a third party to check in. I felt badly for the elderly struggling with it. I didn’t know what entity was going to have my medical info or credit card data. Further, the market research questions and advertising were unexpected and obnoxious, especially in a medical professional’s office. To me, Phreesia is part of the disconnect between office and patient – humans. I hated it.

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