Elements of An EMR In Todays World

The way medicine is practiced is changing fast and completely.  Whether a physician owning the practice, a medical office manager for a medical practice or physician just striking out on their own there is the one tool you must have in our world of medicine today: Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Every medical person will attest to how intricately EMR is laced into the everyday world of medicine.  And one of the biggest needs for EMR to a physician is records retrieval and billing.  Billing is what guides the profitability and records is what guides the billing.  Today medical records are evolving at a rate as never before.

What with HIPPA, a new coding system and new health care reforms, Medicare and Medicaid; it is imperative that individual physicians keep abreast of these nuances.  The medical industry has moved beyond the exam room and entered into a technological field where to remain in business means to embrace technological advances in medical record keeping and storage.

EMR must work intricately with not only the community hospital(s); but also other physician practices.  When looking for the right system there are some fundamental things to know.

  • Knowing how well trained the present medical records keeper is and how well this person embraces change.
  • Having a system which is easily understood and easily grasp by everyone in the practice.  The system that is versatile and easily maneuvered will save money, staff and countless hours of frustration.  Remember changes will happening whether we are ready or not; so let’s be ready.
  • Being aware of all the CEU’s necessary to maintain a prominent thriving medical practice also means having the ability to move forward on all levels.  Maintaining CEU’s and licensures are vital to a growing practice.

The search for the best EMR is driven by the physician or a person hired by the physician to do just that for the office.  There are many different systems to look at, but only one medium to help guide the purchaser through the different and complex systems. .  #EMR-Matrix.org

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Records safety is not only important it will also have a bearing on the malpractice insurance necessary in the practice.  Although it would seem there is no place totally safeguarded from hackers and theft  showing due diligence for patients, practice, staff and yourself. Electronic Medical Records Matrix is the best tool to step forward with as the learning curve is concave, and a gentle slope.

The challenge is:

Knowledge of community assets and deficits will carry the practice well; due to the interaction with the community hospital(s); the systems in the community and ability to link to them.  (Tip: The hospital is the guiding force for linkage.)  If by chance the community is at the ground level of instillation, stick your foot in the door and take the journey with them.  Electronic Medical Records Matrix is a tool to guide and meet the challenges ahead of the community

Training is very expensive and time consuming, the system which is easily understood and easily grasp by everyone in the practice will provide well.  Having a system that is versatile and easy to maneuver within will save  money, staff and countless hours of frustration.

And possibly the most important is can the system be tailored to the needs and necessary activities of your practice.  Being able to take a new procedure or instrument and easily intergraded it into the billing and records system is going to benefit all patients and staff alike.  No matter how well the staff is meshed together into a well-oiled machine, people and practices change.  Can this new tool be used by a new person within the office?

These questions: (1) one tool, (2) blend with hospitals and other practices, (3) records safety, (4) training of staff and physicians alike, and (5) be tailored to the practice; can best be answered by .  #EMR-Matrix.org

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