Top Three In Patient EMR’s Own Over 50% of the Market

According to Healthcare IT, Meditech leads the industry with in-patient EMR adoption and the top three EMR’s account for nearly 60% of the market. ┬áMeditech currently rates as one of the highest EMR’s on our site as well with its new product release.

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“At No. 1 is Meditech, with 637 hospitals or 26.1% of those hospitals using a modular, inpatient EHR to achieve Medicare meaningful use, followed by No. 2, Cerner, 530 hospitals, 21.7%; and No. 3, HCA Information & Technology Services, the health IT arm of the Hospital Corporation of America, 274, 11.2%. Combined, these top three control 59.1% of the hospital, modular, inpatient EHR market niche. “

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