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Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: GWAY) delivers smarter solutions for smarter healthcare™. PrimeSUITE® — Greenway’s certified and fully integrated electronic health record, practice management and interoperability solution — helps improve care coordination, quality and cost-efficiency as part of a smarter, sustainable healthcare system. Thousands of ambulatory care providers across more than 30 specialties and sub-specialties use cloud-based, remote-hosted or on-premise Greenway® solutions in healthcare enterprises, physician practices and clinics nationwide.




The Greenway PrimeSUITE

The focus of this review is primarily on the Greenway PrimeSuite product which is positioned as a “replacement” EMR system.  Greenway cites a figure that some 50% of new EMR purchases on the market today are focused on EMR replacement as opposed to new installs.   Greenway, in my opinion, is a class act and hires top tier team members to run their business.   This has made them an emerging player in the big EMR market.

The Greenway PrimeSUITE is part of the full suite solutions which include:

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  • PrimeSUITE
  • PrimeIMAGE
  • PrimeMOBILE
  • PrimePATIENT
  • HealthVault
  • PrimeRCM
  • PrimeSPEECH

Greenway PrimeSUITE Features

The PrimeSUITE is feature rich with a stack of features when compared to their next competitors.  However there are noticeable gaps in their feature set compared to other competitors to include Native mobile applications and a patient portal.  Although Greenway does state it has a patient portal, its actually a partnership with Medfusion (a different company).  NextGen did something similar.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however it could go bad if if their partnership falls (it has happened in other areas).

From a full blown features perspective Greenway stacks up much like the others since it just passed CCHIT certification.


Greenway Usability

Greenway posted a nice video about their user experience and it’s showcased on their site as a priority (user experience).  This is a refreshing approach from other large EMR vendors who think user experience should take second seat to technical functionality.



Greenway is an impressive suite of applications that has generally received strong reviews from both users and the industry.  If the price meets your specific needs (check out their pricing using our pricing tool on   I do think their mobile approach is weak and needs to be enhanced.


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5 thoughts on “Greenway EMR Review”

  1. We went live with PrimeSuite back in 11/2011. Sad to say, it has been a complete nightmare for our practice! It is by no means “user friendly”. Each task that is normally considered “simple” turns into a difficult time consuming challenge. Their customer service department is only knowledgeable to certain extent, and if you stump them with a more challenging question, they say they will call you back, but never do. As the Billing manger of our practice, I had a lot to deal with as far as the PrimeSuite Billing aspects. Almost 3 years later, we are still trying to generate a report that captures your “true A/R”. We have had many tutorials (one-on-one) with payment posting. That is a true debacle. I am convinced that feedback from an experienced medical biller was simply not used while developing this aspect of the program. There is no rhyme or reason. try installing a printer for HCFA claims. It’s impossible. We are still trying to accomplish this. Don’t just take my word for it. There are reviews all across the internet. Read them ! Check out the “printing woes”, it is completely insane. Sad to say, but PrimeSuite is a sad attempt to any functionable Medical Billing Software Program. Buyer BEWARE.

    1. Greenway Primesuite billing component is a disaster. It is the worst billing software i have ever used. It is so bad we had to shift the whole billing function to PrimeRCM, a subsidiary of Greenway. Initially thought this was a go.od solution, but found out they know less about their software than we do. The product is very difficult to use, the reports are awful and we have no confidence in our a/r numbers. BUYER BEWARE!

  2. Agree with the above. Just a terrible piece of billing software. A hodgepodge of functions slapped together in the most convoluted manner.

  3. We have been with Greenway for 2 years now and we can’t wait to get away from it. It is the worst EMR and Practice Management software I have ever used. I have assisting 11 medical practices with practice managment and billing and I’ve never seen anything so prohibitive of productivity and efficiency. If you’re thinking of changing your EMR/Practice Management software – stay away from this one! The customer service you pay for is also terrible. You spend most of your day staying on hold and listening to their reps tell you in a flowery way that most of what you request cannot be done or, if it can, you have to pay a “fee” for it. One would be wise to connect with other Greenway users (that are not furnished by Greenway) and discuss the problems they have before you purchase!

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