DIRECT Secure Messaging…Utopia or Fad?

For some time I have been watching the DIRECT project in the hopes that it would be our salvation in the answer of the question, “how do we do secure clinical messaging in preparation of 2014 MU Stage 2?”.  Since I first looked at DIRECT I was a huge component.  It was adopted early on by Microsoft HealthVault (even before we really understood the use cases) and “pledges” by EMR providers that they will adopt it.  Well years pass and I have not seen a massive DIRECT explosion like I had hoped.

This is not to say DIRECT will not be the future but more it has not BECOME the future.   DIRECT is a great idea, a secure messaging protocol that allows organizations to adopt ONC endorsed standards and setup “HISPS” to facilitate inter-connection with clinical systems.   However the people I spoke with years ago about this still are “working on DIRECT” but no one I know has nailed it.

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Enter in the private healthcare driven secure messaging systems.  I do think the potential is for a private secure messaging product to link up and merge with the DIRECT protocol is the answer.   One such product is remedyMAIL from Paquin health.  These guys get it.  This product is still an evolution but has the real potential to become the de-facto secure messaging product for healthcare.   Why?  Because they are trying to do just one thing really well, provide secure messaging….thats it.  Oh they also specialize in the hospital space so thats a huge plus (existing adoption is a good thing).

If your looking for a bridge in your secure messaging strategy, check it out, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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