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Centricity is a brand of 31 healthcare IT software solutions from GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric. It includes software for independent physician practices, academic medical centers, hospitals and large integrated delivery networks. The various modules perform practice management, revenue management, electronic medical records, medical imaging, and other functions.

Centricity was introduced in 2003 with two applications, Centricity EMR and Centricity Physician Office – Practice Management. The products were acquired by what was then GE Medical Systems in 2002 and 2003  respectively, and released future versions of both products under the Centricity name. Additional products were added to the Centricity brand, such as Centricity Perinatal, Centricity Perioperative.GE Healthcare acquired IDX Systems in 2006 and re-released its products under the Centricity brand.

Features (stated)

  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain EMR technology
  • Benefit from a design based on decades of experience fulfilling the needs of physicians, practice administrators, and healthcare IT professionals.
  • Integration with most practice management systems
  • Use it with practice management and revenue cycle management tools to eliminate paper records, increase efficiency, and assure more accurate record-keeping.
  • Exceptional connectivity with other data systems
  • Enjoy its compatibility with most enterprise healthcare information systems and share common data with Centricity Enterprise.
  • ePrescribing for fewer prescription hassles
  • Quickly end new and refilled prescriptions to your patients’ pharmacies.
  • Online Patient Portal
  • Empower patients to schedule appointments, access billing statements and lab results, and communicate securely with you.
  • Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC)
  • Access timely clinical data from 20 million de-identified patients with diseases that are most often targeted in pay-for-performance initiatives.


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Client hosted (you host it in-house)

Pricing ( based upon 5 person practice)

Estimated one-time cost $100,000

Estimated annual cost $30,000


Native iPad App for clinicians


Skip it.  There are tons of EMR’s on the market that offer better interoperability and user experience than GE.  Perhaps they can come up with something more on par with the market with their recent acquisitions but from what I have heard from clinicians using this system, pass.


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2 thoughts on “GE Centricity”

  1. Cannot recommend this EMR. Maybe some of the problems have to do with the vendor, I don’t know. it seems that the way it is set up, the vendor makes the most money if the system is not working right. We spend nearly $70K a year just to keep it running, and that is for 6 doctors! It’s a huge expense, and there has been no real improvement in face-to-face time with patients. If and when the government decides to settle on one EMR for all (much like the VA has now), we’ll all be paying huge amounts of money to feed the EHS monsters! Meanwhile, the reimbursements are sure not keeping up! Looks like a disaster in the making, as far as I can tell.

  2. We have used the system for more than 5 years at out clinic, it keeps getting worse, it s almost unusable.I just wasted 15 minutes trying to open a patient file for an admit. There is never awork around sent for recurring problems.
    Rather than spending huge sums to buy this defective product, simulate the experience by buying a bag of concrete and hitting your head with it every 15 minutes.
    we have no phone number to call the a company the size of GE for support !!!
    Run away ! every one I my hallway is having similar concerns.

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