NextGen | Healthcare EHR Frontiers in Corrections

Corrections response teams control violent inmates and confront dangerous inmate situations head on. Extractions, removal by force, inmate restraint and preventing attacks make it critical to knowing where each inmate is and is vital to the safety of the guards, as well as the public. It is vital to know always the location of each more »

Cerner | ED Playbooks

The new Cerner Playbooks, WOW! I have found that the Playbooks deliver uniformity to the ED Physician’s EMR. For me, it streamlines a view that shows what it important. I hate busy screens. No matter what venues or location you will receive a unified view. I found the review, my ordering, and all documenting to more »

Cerner | CPOE Significant cultural shifts for review

We needed an EHR system that would drive change as well as organizational redesign. We needed a system that plays a critical role in safety initiatives that were found in CPOE – Cerner. Cerner Millennium architecture provided a comprehensive EMR that was connected bringing up decreased times from medication order to meds cabinet access, significantly. more »

Cerner | Maternity

Cerner –  Maternity & CPOE for OB Triage/L&D/Postpartum/Newborn Under the Cerner EHR umbrella, you will find many products. The process of vetting the right EHR can be grueling and cost thousands into millions of dollars. Many providers feel they are actually stepping backwards in functionality when siding with enterprise solutions. The amount of clicks and more »

Allscripts | EPSi Review

Allscripts EPSi Review HOSPITAL OVERVIEW 34,000 inpatient admissions 95,000 ER visits 650 inpatient beds Greater than 1,300 physicians EPSi modules: Cost Manager, Product Line Analysis, Enterprise Management Dashboard, Budget Manager, Strategic Product Budgeting OUTCOMES $4.5 million recovered in the first two years of using solution Recurring $1.5 million of annual sales Correcting a code for more »

Cerner | FirstNet Experience

FirstNet is the Emergency Management module from Cerner. As part of the EDIS team, interviewing the vendors was a daunting task in itself. When endeavoring on a huge job as this as you know you have to look at the whole picture, then consider that in your decision.  Keep in mind we were going from more »

EpiChart EMR 6.0

1998 Polaris Medical Management was formed by Primary Care Physician on the east coast to help communicate more quickly and efficiently with ancillary medicine and other physicians.  This group developed an EHR (Electronic Health Record) or a software system rather than an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) using a program based on the physicians computerized office more »

Kareo EMR & Billing

Kareo is a system used by many medical billing companies.  It has history with the medical billing field and a very good reputation in this area.  Although the reviews of the medical billing community are glowing, there is little information regarding EMR in totality.  This is an internet based product which has served small billing more »


OmniMD is a system which interacts with 34 specialties; it is cloud based and certified in 44 clinical quality measures.   With beginnings in 2001 as an EHR billing system; evolution has brought it to certification in administrative, clinical and security modalities.  Certified in ONC-ATCB 2011-2012 Certified Complete HER; CCHIT Certified® 2011 Ambulatory EHR, with five-star more »

CorePoint EMR

The CorePoint EMR system is easily used and maintained on an internet server for maximum ease of intraphasing.  This system has been developing during a 10 year time frame.  Developed first as an internet medical model with the architecture to grown with new and innovative design; the system is large enough for hospital to use.  more »


  Care Cloud EMR     CareCloud Electronic Medical Records software service is two separate systems combined.  One system is the EHR system which allows for easy maneuverability through patients records while supporting the treatment plan and ancillary services integration of information.  The second system is the medical billing system.  This portion flows effectively and more »

AdvancedMD From ADP

ADP® AdvancedMD, based in the Salt Lake City, Utah, is part of a globally-trusted company with nearly $9B in revenues and approximately 550,000 clients, including more than 45,000 physicians. The company is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based software, including an ONC-ATCB-CCHIT 2011-2012 Certified complete electronic health record (from company website).   Review AdvancedMD more »

Meditouch EHR Review

Meditouch EHR has come up with a product which will meet the government guidelines with ease.  This tool is not only tested and tried, but has the option of adding an Ipad for providers to use while staying on top of patient information and systems checks.   Although, most costly than some a comparative study may more »

CureMD Cardiology EMR

CureMD Cardiology EMR is a state-of-the-art solution integrated with practice management, patient portal, device interoperability, laboratory interfacing and data mining reports to improve quality, streamline operations and ensure compliance to industry standards and best practices, ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns. The system supporting multiple modalities like echocardiograms, treadmill stress tests, more »

Greenway EMR Review

Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: GWAY) delivers smarter solutions for smarter healthcare™. PrimeSUITE® — Greenway’s certified and fully integrated electronic health record, practice management and interoperability solution — helps improve care coordination, quality and cost-efficiency as part of a smarter, sustainable healthcare system. Thousands of ambulatory care providers across more than 30 specialties and sub-specialties use more »


About SimplifyMD (updated) Atlanta-based simplifyMD understands the stress and complexity physicians can encounter when buying and deploying traditional EHR systems. simplifyMD provides a simple experience to Electronic Health Records (EHR) management for primary care and many other specialties through an EHR that mirrors the physician’s chart, uses the physician’s forms, and preserves the physician’s workflow. more »


NueMD Established in 1993, Nuesoft Technologies pioneered cloud computing for the college health market, and has the datacenter facilities to support secure and HIPAA-compliant application hosting. Nuesoft has an established U.S. customer base of more than 15,000 users, and houses and maintains more than 1.5 million student records. Our Nuesoft Xpress™, Nuevita™ and Nuesoft™ Billing more »

Athenahealth EMR Review

About Athenahealth In 1997, athenahealth cofounders Jonathan Bush and Todd Park started a women’s health and birthing practice in San Diego, California, called Athena Healthcare. Unprepared for how difficult it would be to get reimbursed by insurance companies, they soon faced serious cash flow problems. After searching unsuccessfully for an existing EMR and practice management more »


Care360 EHR is a web-based solution that provides physicians with online laboratory test ordering, ePrescribing, clinical messaging and clinical documentation MedPlus, the Healthcare IT subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics MedPlus became a wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics in 2001. MedPlus has focused on developing and supporting clinical and administrative IT applications since its inception in more »

Meditech EMR/EHR Review

About Meditech In 1969, A. Neil Pappalardo began development of MIIS. This was one of several proprietary implementations of MUMPS, a programming language which at the time had not been standardized. MIIS users and developers later influenced efforts toward MUMPS standardization during the early 1970s; the MUMPS standard was complete by 1974 and approved by more »


Hello Health provides the Patient Management platform and the professional services that allow practitioners to build stronger patients relationships, automate their processes, increase revenue and take control of their practices. At the heart of Hello Health is proprietary technology developed by Myca Health Inc., our parent company. The Myca technology significantly improves the experience for more »

Dr. Chrono iPad EMR

Dr. Chrono has sparked some of the BEST debate on EMR Matrix.  That being said, we want to drive some data on this rating from clinicians since that is what EMR Matrix is all about, clinicians providing their input. We are initiating a new polling technique on the site to crowdsource ratings much quicker using more »


Allscripts has had a lot of ups and downs lately but holds its place as one of the top contenders in the EMR space. They are also big and slow. Innovation in the space is constantly lacking in the user experience department and Allscripts needs to catch up. Take a look at the video below. more »